In the last couple of months I feel like I’ve been traveling more than staying in New York. Late last night I returned from a photoshoot in Charlotte, North Carolina and, at this moment, I am gearing up for a trip tomorrow. I am lucky. I have always loved to travel and one of the perks of being a photographer is that you get to go places you wouldn’t normally get to go. You get to see places and meet people you’ve never met. It’s a great job.

Last night, I had a pretty long flight delay and I started reading a book of short stories in the airport, Selected Short Stories of Franz Kafka, and one story really seemed quite appropriate to the trials of traveling. It was one of those moments where things mysteriously line up even though it’s not exactly how you planned it. The first story I turned to was about delays in travel, missed connections, and different perceptions.

“But although all the accessory circumstances, at least in A’s estimation, are exactly the same as the day before, it takes him ten hours this time to reach H. When he arrives there quite exhausted in the evening he is informed that, B, annoyed at his absence, had left half an hour before to go to A’s village, and that they must have passed each other on the road. A is advised to wait. But in his anxiety about his business he sets off at once and hurries home.” -from A Common Confusion by Franz Kafka

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