Patrick Allison

e.d. : What is your favorite color?
p.a. : Blue. Sylvia would hate me for saying this but it’s calm. It’s comforting.

e.d. : What do you do?
p.a. : I’m a graphic designer. I’m about to start my first real job, well no, I guess my second, at Abercrombie and Fitch. I’ll be designing graphic applications for a female brand. It’s in Columbus, Ohio.

e.d. : Where do you get your inspiration for you’re projects?
p.a. : I get inspiration from numerous places. I think I get a lot of it from my friends and research (I do a lot of tooling around the internet and around the world just taking notes physically or just mentally.) I get a lot of inspiration from the problems that other people have. I think that’s a lot of the impetus behind a lot of my projects. My dad was complaining about plant spikes because he’s getting older and it’s hard for him to see. He was complaining how difficult they were to see and how they were making gardening more difficult. I think that’s a shame because he loves gardening so much. So I took it upon myself to redesign a gardening spike system to solve all his problems.

e.d. : Do you cook?
p.a. : I love to cook. I like to try new things. I have a few recipes I repeat but I usually like to try to mix it up so that I’m trying something I’ve never tried before.

e.d. : Are you reading anything right now?
p.a. : I just got done reading the Transformation which is a fiction book I picked up in the retail bin. I bought it because I liked the cover.

e.d. : What do you want people to see in your work?
p.a. : What is it epic accessibility? I’d like them to see smart solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had. I’d like for them to say ‘oh yes! That’s going to make my life so much better.’ When it comes to a piece of design, I think of it as an artifact and I want you to want to have it in your life. It’s a combination of form and function. If you don’t want it to be a part of your everyday life then it’s not really a well-designed object. It needs to be something you can identify with and have relate to you. When it comes to apparel it says something about who you are but that is equally true with the coffeemaker or brand of cereal you buy. You make a conscious decisions and I want those decisions to be worthwhile.

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