e.d. Where are you from?
r.k. Tejas.

e.d. Do you like Atlanta?
r.k. most of the time

e.d. What is your favorite color?
r.k. I’m really into colors, so my favorites change. You can tell by my wardrobe. When I am into a certain color you end up seeing a lot of it on me. I think I’m into orange and red orange right now.

e.d. Where do you get inspiration from?
r.k. I’m inspired by experiences. Traveling, music, and trying new things.

e.d. What are you up to? career plans etc?
r.k. Just finished grad school for graphic design, so I need one of those jobs. But clown school and scuba diving are on my list as well.

e.d. What do you want people to see in your work?
r.k. My humor and personality. I want my work to emote.

e.d. Do you have a website?
r.k. It’s a work in progress.

e.d. What is your favorite place to eat?
r.k. Right now it’s Antico. Delicious, authentic Italian pizza.

e.d. cats or dogs?
r.k. I like them both if they don’t claw or bit my face off.

e.d. What annoys you?
r.k. waiting. being bored. lines.

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  1. Hi, I came here accidently and need to blame you. You stole about 1 hour of my valuable lifetime. I am joking, …nice read, you got some nice points, thanks a lot for sharing.

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