I’m a little behind the times. I haven’t had cable in awhile, so I just started season one of Dexter. I watched so much of it that I didn’t have time to fit a film in so you are getting a television series review.

I think it’s in it’s fourth season now. So far, I’ve really liked it! I think it’s a pretty well done character study of “moral” serial killer. I know that makes no sense, but the show does a good job of exploring what that might look like.

It’s about a serial killer who is a blood splatter specialist for the Miami police. Dexter is the like-able villain. He’s averages one murder per episode, but somehow you still want him to succeed. The writers cleverly created a villain with a code of honor that keeps him killing only other killers. It’s what redeems him for the viewer.

Season one’s main plot follows the police station’s and Dexter’s search of a local miami serial killer. It has been a very compelling plot line so far, but my only drawback so far is that the serial killer is revealed in the last few episodes and I think he’s the worst actor on the show. Also, knowing who he is kind of spoiled some of the mystery and is making some of the plot lines a little too “touchy-feely” for my taste.

Overall, I think the show has really well developed characters and approaches serial killers in a new and creative way.

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