I woke up this morning having printed the majority of my portfolio and it is a really great feeling.  I’m wrapping up the end of two intense years of work and I’m am looking at what will come next. It is so strange to look at a body of work that you created and know that it took you two years to get there but to also know it is not done.  This book is just a beginning. 

I watched a documentary this morning called War Dance. It’s a film about these children living in Northern Uganda who essentially live in a refugee camp. What has brought them together is war violence. Violence I can only imagine will be with each child for the rest of his/her life. The film is about the children competing in a dance/singing/music competition. It’s a very heartbreaking but inspiring documentary.  As an artist living in an affluent country with minimal struggles,  it really gives you some perspective.  These children sing and dance because it brings them strength.  It helps them to feel better about the what they experienced. Their art comes from such a pure place.  It’s isn’t ego driven. It isn’t empty. It isn’t cold. It is full of hope.

The trailer:

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