New Blog -thanks Patrick

So, I so decided to start a blog.  I thought it would be a better solution than posting to flickr incessantly.    

I thought I’d dedicate this first post to my good friend Patrick Allison who is responsible for setting this blog up and is also in charge of the my new branding with is on the way. He’s also an excellent model.  He was in my very first photo shoot 1st quarter.  Last week he modeled for me once again for an assignment I was doing for Zach Wolfe,  I did a story about on a man on a search.  Here’s a few shots from the series:





































Patrick and I have collaborated a lot during portfolio center.  And speaking of Portfolio Center, it is rapidly coming to an end. I’m all done with classes at this point and I’ll sign off in July.  It’s been a really packed two years. I’ve learned a lot, but to be honest I’m looking forward to sleeping a little more than PC allows me.  It doesn’t stop though.  I’m pumped about more shooting and assisting.

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