Fresh Faces Updates

Fresh Faces, a series I photographed with the talented stylist Zahydé Pietri, will be on exhibition starting this Friday, Oct. 16. It’s at the College of New Rochelle Gallery and we’ll be giving a lecture to go along with it.


Also, The series recently took Second place in the International Photography Awards in the category of Advertising food. I’m super proud of the work that Zahydé and I did! Check out the website to see them all!

Fresh Faces

Here’s a sneak peak into a personal project that I’ve been working on the last couple of months. It’s called Fresh Faces and is a collaboration between myself and stylist Zahydé Pietri. The project is currently in competition for the Exposure Award, which you can view here and see more of the series: . If you like what you see please vote and comment. In the meantime, meet Eva.


This beautiful weather outside reminds me that I shot this grilling homepage for UncommonGoods. Check it out and then go outside.

Screenshot 2015-06-07 12.47.19


Experimenting a bit this weekend, I had some fun shooting grapefruit and tomatoes and of course it was great to just let their beautiful shapes and color speak for themselves.




stylist: Zahyde Pietri