Ode to Fall

Halloween has passed and we are well into fall. I thought I’d post these shots I did on the changing leaves and dying plants.

Leaves 1

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Catching up

So, I know I haven’t posted in quite some time. The last couple months have been a little crazy and I feel like I’m finally settling down from them. First off, I got married, which takes up more time than you can ever imagine. We went on our honeymoon and then we came right back to New York where I started a new gig at UncommonGoods.

For now, I thought I’d post a few photos from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where we honeymooned!



We ate at a cafe named Cafe Puerto Rico where I had the best plantain fries and the BEST yuca mofongo ever!







In the morning, this man waits by local restaurants and sell lottery tickets to the locals.



There are cats everywhere in Old San Juan! I bonded with a few.





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Knotty Bow Ties

Recently, I photographed bow ties for Knotty Co. Knotty Co. is the creation of designer Patrick Allison, who makes each bow tie from repurposed fabrics.



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Edible Brooklyn – Wyckoff Farm

Nestled between a car wash and a McDonald’s is the oldest farm house in Brooklyn, Wyckoff Farm. I had the pleasure of photographing the farm’s grounds and gardener Jason Gaspar for Edible Brooklyn‘s current Eat Drink Local issue. I shot a few portraits of Jason while he worked and harvested some fresh greens.

ediblebk30_final 1-1











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Roasted Skillet Potatoes

Roasted potatoes…always delicious



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observations through brooklyn

I took a walk from Clinton Hill to Williamsburg yesterday and I began to notice that the same colors repeat all over the city. I decided to allow the color to guide me, one leading to the next: a stream of consciousness. When you put them together you begin to get a textural feeling for Brooklyn. Though this is just a sample, I am interested to see where this technique will take me on future walks through the city.


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Nick’s Food to Go – Atlanta Magazine

Check out the current Atlanta Magazine. I shot a food story about Nick’s Food to Go, which is a greek fast food restaurant in Atlanta. In this photo is their famous gyro and the spanakopita.


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Upon Crossing the Manhattan Bridge

Now that the weather has finally improved, I’ve started taking longer walks and on occasion with my camera. I walked from the Flat Iron building over to Brooklyn and collected a few cool shots.








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Linzer Cookies

One of my favorite treats are the Linzer Cookies from the Choice Market, which is conveniently located a few blocks from my place. These cookies are fairly light and you don’t feel too guilty after eating them.




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Teapot with Green Tea

Lately, I’ve really gotten into tea and especially green tea. I’ve always been and still am a coffee drinker, but I have noticed the profound difference that tea has on me as oppose to coffee. When I drink green tea I usually feel clear, awake and aware. Coffee at times can make me just feel jittery. The tea here is an organic sencha green tea and was brewed in the Japanese cast iron teapot.


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